Student Leadership

All students are given opportunities to be active members of the school community where they get to carry out a range of roles; from Whanau Leader to Peer Mediators, compost and chicken monitors to librarians.

Being a small school, we rely on all members chipping in and contributing.

Whanau Leaders:

Matariki (Lion): Lincoln & Ella


Reotahi (Aubrey)



Class Councillors:

Our Class Councillors meet regularly with the Principal and other staff to share student’s ideas and make decisions on things that affect the school, classes and children. Recently, they have collaborated on the school Wellbeing model, garnishing ideas for Passion Time, and helping to plan movie night.

Kareareā = 

Kōtare = 

Kororā = 

Ruru = 

Tui = 


Our school librarians give up their break times to help out in the library. As it is a community library also, they often help community members that come to issue books. These librarians are good at keeping the library tidy and organised. Each year our most responsible and diligent librarians are selected as part of the Whangarei ‘Golden Librarians’ treat.

Peer Mediators: 

We are fortunate to have a large number of our senior students (Y5-8) willing to step up and be Cool School Peer Mediators. They get training from teachers through the Peace Foundation’s Cool Schools Programme and supported to help resolve conflict between students around the school. They are such positive role models to have in our school.

This years Peer Mediators are the whole of Karearea (our Y7&8 students) who have gone through the training. 

Enviro Group:

Our school Enviro programme is made up of three parts:

Part 1 – Class Projects – each class has a student identified Enviro project that they work on througout the year.

Part 2 – Enviro Council – 2 representatives from each class who meet twice a term to talk over all things Enviro related.


Part 3 – an opt in system whereby students can opt in to that week’s Enviro project focus. They find out at whanau hui on Tuesday and the project is carried out in the middle block on Friday with Mr H leading it. 

In previous years, the following projects have been completed:

  • Identifying a need for an outdoor classroom and concept design
  • Monitoring of bait stations for rats around our school perimeter
  • Weeding, planting, caring for and harvesting vegetables from our school vegetable garden
  • Designing and creating a ‘bee friendly’ garden