Each class has access to digital devices that stay within their rooms. Chromebooks are used across the middle and senior classes and each class has access to iPads. All classes are equipped with a TV.

As part of our safety protocols, parents are required to sign an Internet Safety Agreement annually.  Students are also expected to sign an annual agreement to protocols for computer use and set-up within the class.

Each class delivers a Digital citizenship programme across the course of the year that is relevant for the stage and age of the children, but which is also interwoven through the use of digital technologies.

Students are not permitted to access the internet without permission from the teacher or where the teacher is not able to monitor their use – e.g. at break times.  The use of the internet is for learning tasks and activities only and is purposely planned for by teachers.

Children from Y3 upwards have access to an individual google drive account which enables Google Apps for Education (GAFE) to be used. The use of the internet is interwoven with other learning tools and helps to provide flexibility and choice for children and teachers.