Key Events

We have a number of special events held throughout the year. These involve the wider community.

Funky Fishing Competition:  

A well established annual event (March/April) that is held locally at Taurikura. A fishing competition that attracts fishing and diving enthusiasts from all over with a load of prizes and entertainment to keep the children happy. It serves as a major fundraiser for both the school and community library and brings the community together. The auction is always well attended and plenty of food on offer to enjoy throughout the afternoon. For more information go to

Date for 2024 confirmed: Sunday April 7th


Art Exhibition / School Production / Digital Exhibition:

A big part of our learning from throughout the year, with a particular focus on our value ‘Creativity’, is our art exhibition, school production and digital exhibition. 

Art Exhibition – children research, gather inspiration, work alongside teachers and art specialists to create an art piece which is then exhibited in a real art house (Reyburn House, Town Basin) before being brought by parents and the wider community. A truly awesome experience to have alongside professional artists.


School Production – children develop a class script, make props, put together costumes and deliver a number of shows to their parents and school community. With lighting, sound, singing, acting, dancing, technology, building; a show comes to life that is truly spectacular and owned by the students themselves.

Digital Exhibition – students work on a digital artifact that they then share with the parent community. The digital artifact will relate to new technology that they have been learning about and the focus is on creation, not consumption. 

Christmas Tree Evening:

A special celebration held in the last week of the school year, a tradition where we say farewell to our Year 8’s and recognise a raft of achievements from throughout the year. An evening held on our school field with a range of small acts; singing, speeches and laughter.