Points of Difference

What makes us extra special?

Our aim is to develop self managed, independent, motivated learners.  We value children’s individuality and creativity and view education as holistic.  There is a strong environmental and artistic component in the community that is reflected in the school.  We have strong feelings about nurturing and enhancing our spectacular environment. We have very professional teachers who believe in encouraging children to take responsibility for their learning.  There is strong commitment from parents and wider community.

What the students say:

“We love Fern Valley where we get to walk through the bush and build huts”

“We have a big sandpit and an awesome playground”

“I love feeding the chickens, playing in Fern Valley and reading in the library”

“We do lots of different sports”

“I like all the different learning at our school like with computers”

Community Library

Our library building was once the Waikaraka Church which was built on the Edwards farm in 1925, using voluntary labour and materials contributed by local families.  Although voluntary materials and work covered most of the costs, one hundred and forty pounds was still needed to complete the work. The money was raised by means of five pound debentures and tennis afternoons held on nearby courts.  In 1985 the church was generously given by the Waikaraka Church Trustees to the children of Whangarei Heads School and community members for use as a library. The original church area is used as the school library and an extension was later added on which now services the community with a fine range of adult books.  

Our library is situated on the school grounds, directly behind the new building.  It has continued to operate successfully over the last 35 years, with a fine range of books and resources, thanks to the Whangarei District Council who give an annual grant for the purchase of latest fiction and non-fiction books.  We have also received grants from outside agencies, who over the years have supported us with funding. The Mobile Library Bus visits the school every 4 weeks which also enables us to rotate our stock, thus ensuring we have fresh reading material on offer.  We gladly accept donations of books that are in a good state for our library.

The library is run on a voluntary basis and we welcome anyone who has an hour or two per week to help keep the library shelves tidy.  The library has a very welcoming feel and is a delightful and charming retreat.

It is open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm and Saturday from 10am – 12noon and membership is free.  Come along and see what we have to offer!

Te Mangoroa

Te Mangoroa is our multipurpose room. It is used for assemblies, discos, community events and prize-givings. It is very versatile and set up with kitchen facilities, a stage, huge flat screen TV and audio gear. 

The Environment

Whangarei Heads is surrounded by bush and situated at the bottom of Mount Manaia. The children enjoy building huts during break times, playing in ‘Fern Valley’ and climbing trees. Our Outdoor Classroom is well used during brea times by our Tamariki. We have our very own hens and a school vege garden too.

Community Art Shed

The community Art Shed is a specially designed space that is used by the students and locals throughout the week. A dedicated art space ensures that students have the opportunity to be creative with a range of materials.

Multi-purpose Ashphalt Track

New in 2022, the asphalt multi-purpose track is designed for bikes, scooters, skateboards and roller blades. There is a pump aspect at one end and the track winds around the field in one big loop. Great for all ages. You’ll also find children running and walking around it. 

School Pool

Whangarei Heads School is lucky to have a great school pool. During Term One and Term Four children can swim daily as part of the class session. There are also private after school lessons run in December / January and February. Over the summer holiday break, the Board make the pool available to school whanau to use. There is a payment for this and a contract to sign.