Sport is an important past time for Kiwi Kids. We value daily physical activity; not only because being active is fun, but because it is also good for the brain, increasing focus and attention, and helps to develop good lifelong habits. Like all learning areas, children are encouraged to give all activities a go with a positive attitude and effort.

Whole school events (swimming, cross country and athletics) are built up in classes throughout the term and children compete at their own level. Some of our senior children are asked to represent our school at inter-school events which is a special privilege.

There are a number of clubs attached to our school; hockey, netball, rugby union, cricket, gymnastics and football.

There are a range of sporting opportunities available

Our senior students are part of the famous ‘Summit Club’. Aimed at providing a fitness challenge up Mount Manaia (on our doorstep), the tamariki run / walk up to the summit each week in a bid to connect with nature and improve their fitness and wellbeing. In 2021 the club got some shirts to recognise this special opportunity.

 Summit Club