What we offer .....


  • Education within a safe rural environment comparatively free from the pressures of a large urban school.

  • Opportunities to develop leadership skills for every child, especially in the senior school.

  • Education in an environment where individuals are valued for their unique disposition and talents.

  • Education in a school where children are well known by all staff and other children.

  • Class numbers lower than in most schools enabling more individualised instruction and better access to learning resources.

  • Strong behaviour management, ensuring students feel confident and safe.

  • Opportunities for individualised instruction in areas of need.

  • Excellent outdoor education programmes including camps for every class every year.

  • Staff who are committed to working in close partnerships with parents.

  • A firm commitment to teaching core basic skills in English and Maths.

  • High emphasis on Respect and Responsibility.

  • Opportunities to develop skills in areas of personal interest and talent.