Past pupil comments about what makes Year 7 & 8 special ...

Past Pupil Comments
‘…This beautiful school is positioned on the rural coast of Whangarei Heads with its guardian Mount Manaia looking upon this school. The senior students of this school have to act as role models for the younger students. We have to take on leadership positions and take part in all events to achieve this goal. We also have lots of privileges: we have more fun and everyone knows you for who you are and what you’ve done in the past.  We also have more opportunities to be selected for special events because we don’t have as greater numbers within the school…’
-  Jackson (Year 8)

‘….The leadership flows through the Year 7 & 8 role. We all work as a team wherever we are, we can all make our own decisions. We are also a bit more special because we can conjure up an idea and present it to our principal. Not many schools get to see their principal, as the principal is too busy. However, here, some of us even have regular meetings with the principal….’
-  Zac (Year 8)

‘…We are special because there are younger children at school and we are great role models. We support them and give them good advice. We have many privileges that other schools do not have.  For instance, we get camps every year and some schools do not have enough or any community support to help make all these things happen. In addition, in big schools you are just another kid in a uniform, where as at our school you have a proper identity and most of all you have lots and lots of FUN!!!...’
-  John Michael (Year 8)

‘…Mt. Manaia, the guardian that watches over our school, our great symbol, connecting us to the community, is a piece of great heritage at our doorstep. A school where everything is encouraged and the Year 7 & 8s are leaders, role models and physical participants of school activities. Compared to other schools the Year 7 & 8s of Whangarei Heads School are lucky, they have a personal identity and are not stifled by uniforms and strict rules…’
-  Maylee (Year 8)

‘… Whangarei Heads School students are lucky enough to have the privilege to wear their own choice of clothes and don’t have to wear a school uniform. The privilege of not wearing a uniform is that each child has their own personal style and own identity so that people automatically recognize them…. Whangarei Heads School is a lucky school in that they have beautiful scenery and a willing-to-help community that will support the school in what ever they do. Mrs Ogle has a healthy school and she should be proud of them.’    
-  Hayley (Year 7)

‘Whangarei Heads School has 106 students from Year 1’s at about the age of 5 to year 8’s at about the age of 13. We look out over the sea and we are covered by our mountain- Manaia. This school has been here for 150 years….. Our community is really helpful too which is why we can go on class trips. They always come and help us when we want to go somewhere. Our community is a great place to be….’
-  Billie (Year 7)

‘Whangarei Heads School is a small community school under beautiful Mount Manaia…. This school’s year 7 & 8s are role models, looking after the younger students, some leading their houses at house events. The Year 7 & 8s of this school look after all the students, big and small….Everyone knows everyone in this school, and we know all the teachers…’
-  Claire (Year 8)

One of my favourite memories is when Sir Edmund Hillary came to our school.   I will miss the cool laid back teachers and Fern Valley where all the awesome huts were made.

 - Jessie (Year 8)

My favourite part about this school is that we are always given opportunities, like sports events where we have to compete against other schools.  Everyone knows each other, kind of like a big fish in a small pond.  Next year will be very different

  -  Lara (Year 8)

The most awesome things I have done here would be the Wellington Camp last year and the  Lonsdale Camp, those camps were really cool.  I will also never forget the moment when the judge announced that our debating team won the Whangarei finals.  We were an awesome team.  I will miss my friends from the school and things like lunchtimes in the class on the couch with music blurting out of the speakers and the sense of belonging we had at Whangarei Heads.

  -  Mira (Year 8)

Some of the projects that this school has done have been really cool and creative.  Here are some examples :  the Year 8 mural, the chicken coop, the sandpit and the gardens.  I have made some awesome friendships that I hope will continue through High School and the rest of my life.  The Peach Cove hike, the Lonsdale Camp and all the sports days were great  fun.  This school, its students and teachers have helped dramatically to make my last year at Whangarei Heads such a blast.

  -  Chevyez (Year 8)

I am going to miss this school and all the memories it holds.  I'll miss the way all the big kids mingle with the little ones.  I'll miss that strong sense of belonging that I have.  During my time at this school, I have accomplished so much.  Like being in the winning Year 7 debating team, and winning overall best technology project when I was just a Year 7.  I could not have accomplished all these things without the amazing teachers at this school - I owe so much to them.

  -  Eva (Year 8)