Our Vision

The vision to which we aspire is:-

Our students will enjoy an excellent all-round education. 
Together we will prepare them to be confident caring citizens who reflect critically, think creatively, communicate effectively and embrace learning throughout life.


Charter Goals:

Our goals reflect the National Education priorities of the Ministry of Education.

 The skills we want our students to achieve -

  • improvement in literacy and numeracy for all

  • an understanding of Maori culture and it’s importance to New Zealanders

  • acquisition of skills, including information processing skills, that will enable students to adapt to, and cope with, our ever-changing society

  • acquisition of social skills – character building and values education

  • an understanding of our history and our place in the environment

  • an awareness of global perspectives

  • preparation for secondary school – responsibilities; careers; leadership skills; citizenship

  • ability to accept and cope with success and failure

  • accepting and valuing all members of our school community

  • understanding and valuing health and well-being, including physical activity, nutrition and safe practices

 We will do this by -

  • recognising students as individuals - identifying and catering for their individual needs

                 - identification of individual talents in every student

                 - identification of areas needing support and development in students

  • setting achievable whole-school and individual targets – measuring and reporting on these

  • giving quality on going feed back to students and parents

  • providing authentic learning opportunities to ensure learning is purposeful

  • consulting regularly with our school community

  • encouraging children to take responsible risks

  • providing a fun, challenging and rewarding environment

  National Education Priorities…

  • Literacy and Numeracy skills are paramount – we set high standards in these areas.

  • We use quality assessment information to identify students, groups of students and/or curriculum areas that require particular attention – including children with learning difficulties and special abilities

  • We recognise NZ’s cultural diversity – when our children leave school they will have a working knowledge of basic te Reo Maori and a basic understanding of tikanga Maori and it’s importance in NZ society.

  • We promote regular, quality, physical activity throughout the school including maximising the use of opportunities for Education Outside the Classroom

  • We promote healthy food and nutrition for all students –  we make healthy options available

  • We provide career education at Years 7 and 8

  • We introduce students, particularly Year 7 & 8 students, to learning a language

At Whangarei Heads School we offer quality in:-
   - Learning opportunities for children
   - High quality, effective teaching practices
   - Clear comunication between home and school
   - Positive partnerships between home and school
   - Health, safety and welfare of our pupils
   - Motivation- stimulating learning and making it FUN!
   - Specialist programmes for Year 7 & 8 students
   - Taking advantage of our unique environment to enhance our learning experiences
   - Embracing all cultures of our community


- We offer the latest resources to support quality learning

- Each classroom has a data projector

- Each classroom has access to at least three computers and numerous alphasmarts to support word processing

- We offer digital photography for all students as well as the use of video and other ICT tools