Enviro School

Our school has had a history of involvement with Environmental Education over many years and it has been strongly supported by our community.

We have had on-going links with a number of community organisations for well over ten years.  These include DOC, Bream Head Conservation Trust, Experiencing Marine Reserves, the Landcare Forum, See Orca - Ingrid Visser, North Tec. etc.  These relationships have enriched the childrens' learning with real issues from their community.

We have also had a long standing relationship with the Northland Regional Council, especially Susan Karels, their Environmental Eduction Officer and Enviroschools Co-ordinator.  As well as Julie Holt also now an Environmental Education Officer and Enviroschools Co-ordinator.  They have guided us through our Bronze, Silver Enviroschools Awards and our Enviroschools Green Gold award.  This award is the culmination of many years of work on Environmental Education in our school. 

In 2013 we also became a "Schoolgen" school and were given solar panels which produce electricity for the school.

Although a lot of work has been done, we still have many ideas and projects we would like to work on to take us into the future.  Our students have some great ideas in the pipeline which show how much they care about this precious place we live.We will continue to use the Enviroschools guidelines to help us to do this.