Our House Captains and Deputies for 2016 are:-

Aubrey :     Captains:  Emma and Rocco

                   Deputy Captains:    Cole and Amy C-S

Kauri:         Captains:  Maya and Ariah

                    Deputy Captains:   Tegan, Seabren and Saoirse

Manaia:      Captains:   Seth and Lia

                    Deputy Captains:   Amy R

Lion:            Captains:   Hayden V and Grace

                     Deputy Captains:  Kahu and Star


2016 End of Year awards

Congratulations to the following students:

Citizens Cup:  Shared by Amy Caldwell-Smith and Lia Schmid.  This award was given for being an an excellent and positive role model who goes out of their way to do things for the school.

Ambassador's Cup:  Award to Seabren Struijcken.  Seabren has represented school well in events outside of school and has shown maturity and capability.

Mana Trophy:  Awarded to Maya Porter for being a cultural leader in the school; someone who has earned mana from the school and his/her peers

Super Nova Award - Rising Star:  Awarded to  Grace Candy who showed growth and potential

Music Leadership Award:  Keira Silipa.  Thank you to the Forshaw Family for donating this award.


Our School Council :-

These students represent students across the school and promote student voice in decision making within our school.  They meet regularly with the Principal to relay ideas from other students and represent the school at  Student Councillors are:-

Room 1:  

Room 2: 

Room 3:  

Room 5: 

Room 6: